Help with not being able to login

So when I play BeamNG and go over to multiplayer and try to login it won’t let me. I make sure my info is correct as well and I even try to log in as a guest and still nothing. I even opened and closed it but when I did that it made it so when I type it doesn’t type sometimes.

@djay4487 I found out the problem. When you want to play online don’t open the main game. Open “BeamMP-Launcher” and then once you’re in click on the multiplayer and then put in your info.

yeah its not you having the problem either, im also having similar issues, i put my info in and hit login but itt just clears it and dosnt let me in, ive even reset my password and still nothing, perhapse their auth system is down atm?


Same here. Whenever I try to log in, it just clears my credentials, how do I get to the forgot password part?

did anyone figure out the issue?