Hi I am New, Few questions.

Hey I am New, Few questions for the devs: 1. Where can I get the "BeamMP Sports Playground " map i see in almost all of UkDrifter, and Neal’s vids? 2. Well, this second one isn’t really a question, i just want to say good job on creation what will probibly be the best BeamNG Drive addon to ever exist! Thats all, hope you devs and you members have a nice day!!

@charles Hi, it has been maybe a month or 2, is it out yet, no need to rush, just curios

It will be available soon, and yes you can use it in singleplayer

2 more things sorry, 1. WHen do you think B-Sports will me released 2. When it IS released, will i be able to get it WITHOUT beamMP?

Thanks for answering, BTW i changed my name to Jer on BeamNG’s official website, just something random, and tell UkDrifter that it was I love his drifting skills, have a nice day Titch!

Hey there @Jer and welcome!

So to answer your question:
Q. 1. Where can I get the "BeamMP Sports Playground " map.
A. It is not currently available as we are continuing to work on it still. It will be available when we we launch the BSports series of events.

Other than that, Thank you for the kind words. We have really spent a very large amount of time working on this to get it where it is now and there is still more to be done and to come!

Thank you and Enjoy our mod :slight_smile:

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