High CPU usage even with no players

Hello, I’ve started a fresh, empty server on my Debian 11 running dedicated server and I have like 150% cpu usage when server is idling, can anything be done about this? I don’t see any configuration options to tackle this problem.

Hello @karus, welcome to the BeamMP community!

To get started please can you provide any server logs?

Also, please can you tell us the specs of your server too.

Not much going on in logs:

[06/01/23 21:41:21] [INFO] BeamMP Server v3.1.1
[06/01/23 21:41:21] [INFO] Sentry disabled
[06/01/23 21:41:21] [INFO] Vehicle event network online
[06/01/23 21:41:21] [INFO] Vehicle data network online on port 23800 with a Max of 4 Clients
[06/01/23 21:41:21] [INFO] Server up-to-date!
[06/01/23 21:41:21] [INFO] PluginMonitor started

system specs are: Intel Xeon E-2274G - 32GB RAM - SoftRaid 2x960GB NVMe

The CPU usage is as described on the image here: Screenshot by Lightshot server is empty and unmodified.

Is there any way to get it fixed? maybe can I provide some more informations?