How can I use my multiplayer mods in singleplayer?


Earlier today I was playing BeamNG, and I had all the mods that I downloaded when joining a MP session. But when I then restarted all those mods were gone. The cars are still in my temp folder. This is located in Appdata/Local/

Is there any way I can use these mods again? Because it worked before but not anymore

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ever figure it out?

So I had a quick look and if you like the mods you have found on a particular server, the easiest way to get them is to do as follows:

  • Launch BeamMP
  • Open your user mods folder (‘AppData\Local\\0.25\mods’) and navigate to the multiplayer folder
  • Connect to your favourite server and the mods will all load into this folder (Take note that the mods will be removed from that folder once you disconnect from the server even if the game is still open)
  • Then you can move those mods into your main mod folder and you should be able to access them from Singleplayer.

Hope this comes in handy!