How does one use colors in the Server Name as configured in ServerConfig.toml

Title basically say it all, i’ve seen servers have colored names and i’m curious how it’s done.

This is a topic that is on our wiki but I will add it here for you :slight_smile:

Customize the look of your server name

Use these special symbols before your text and it’ll apply an effect to that text in the server list

^r reset
^p newline (descriptions only)
^n underline
^l bold
^m strike-through
^o italic
^0 black
^1 blue
^2 green
^3 light blue
^4 red
^5 pink
^6 orange
^7 grey
^8 dark grey
^9 light purple
^a light green
^b light blue
^c dark orange
^d light pink
^e yellow
^f white

Example: ^2BeamMP ^6Server (“BeamMP” would be green, and “Server” would be Orange)
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Hi Charles, ^p doesn’t appear to actually work in the description, is that a bug?

Would something like Beam^2MP ^6Server work?