How how to install your card for beam mp?

Hello, I encountered a problem when I installed a level on my server, and when I logged in it wrote an error that info.json was not found. What i gona do?

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in the case that you put the into the client folder… dont do that. Just specify the map in your ServerConfig.toml as advised in the server installation documentation. Here are some valid entries for the vanilla maps

  • "/levels/gridmap_v2/info.json"
  • "/levels/johnson_valley/info.json"
  • "/levels/automation_test_track/info.json"
  • "/levels/east_coast_usa/info.json"
  • "/levels/hirochi_raceway/info.json"
  • "/levels/italy/info.json"
  • "/levels/jungle_rock_island/info.json"
  • "/levels/industrial/info.json"
  • "/levels/small_island/info.json"
  • "/levels/smallgrid/info.json"
  • "/levels/utah/info.json"
  • "/levels/west_coast_usa/info.json"
  • "/levels/driver_training/info.json"
  • "/levels/derby/info.json"