How to access server through an ip which isnt mine

Hello am mat,

so heres my goal, i want to be able to share the server with friends but without giving them my IP due to… security but also I’m not ready to get DDOS’d.

So yeah how can I use a different IP (maybe from a VPN) that I can give to friends and they can join

Thats unfortunately just how servers work in the internet. Another user needs to know your ip in order to connect to it. What you can do is to use a VPN that allows port forwarding through it. Not many VPN’s can do that, and certain need special configuration. An example of a VPN that can do that is AirVPN.

In my whole time on this project, i have not heared of a single ddos attack, so i doubt you will face this risk. But if you really want to go safe, you will have to look into the technicals on how to forward ports through vpn’s