How to add mission to server

I would like to add a custom mission to the Johnson valley map and play on my server where do i put the zip

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I would guess you place it in the resources/server folder or maybe the resource/client folder . but here’s the thing. if the “mission” the mod/zip file doesn’t have the code that just “makes it work” in it already it will not do anything. The server code will tell you.

“(what ever the zip is) is not a directory, skipping”

I myself have been trying to find the lines of code that will allow BeamMP servers to recognize and mission or mod. I feel like you’re wasting your time asking. It seems they can only point you to “learn to code” references guides. Mind you a good resource IF YOU READ CODE. But the explanations are in terms rooted in already knowing code.

Get this, look up ANY tutorial on coding and the ONLY thing they wanna tell you is how to have send a to the server saying “hello world”. Apparently that the hot ticket today.

good luck

like someone told me when I asked a similar question.