How to get Early Access title?

Im wondering how to get the early access title

-How old does my account has to be-

or is it a payed.
i have heard i need to support the patreon. but some say i will just suddenly get the title.

Early Access is granted by either supporting the project through patreon or by boosting the discord server

well then why dont i have it?

If you are a patreon then make sure that the email you use in your patreon account is the same you use here in beammp (can take up to 12 hours to sync once you have set that).

If you are a server booster, pls come to #ea-support in the discord. The EA access is given manually for these cases

i have done that but i dont have it

@Titch. OP says they are a patreon but dont have yet received the ea access

i can try donating again

Hey, thank you for helping to support the project.

Please can you make sure that the email on your BeamMP account is the same as the email used for your Patreon account.

no its not the same

Please set your email addresses to match, you could also set your secondary email on this forum to match your patreon email as that should work too if you do not want to change your primary.

i dont really want to change my email on my patreon account

No no, sorry I meant here on the forum not patreon.

As you can see here you can add an alternative email or change your primary email.

i sort stuff with different emails like my gmail for games-accounts etc. but my other email is for purchases.

Okay so can you add it as a secondary email on here?
I say this because due to how the integration with Patreon works it requires the email to join the accounts.

i believe i found the problem. my card didnt go through correctly or they had some problems. im thinking of trying to get it through. sorry for the late response.