How to get FFB settings on your wheel PERFECT

Quick Install Guide /w helpful tips for a better wheel feel.

please download the “presets” folder containing all of the preset wheel responce curve’s available to me.

all of these are the DEFAULT presets from Assetto Corsa

place the wheel setting closest to YOUR wheel inside of your beamMP folder>(beamMP\BeamNG\settings\inputmaps)

Next, Open BeamMP(or BeamNG if your doing this for single player) open your settings up.

Push Escape, go to settings/controls, "force Feeedback", and confimgure you FFB seetings


I use a logitech wheel. so settings may differ!!! but let me try to explain as best as i can

Filter and angle can be left alone. unless u feel the need to adjust your angle to your wheel. it should be fine to leave alone.

linearity = can stay at one. PLEASE dont play with this!!

ENABLE = your force feedback

if you have a logitech wheel. your gunna need to INVERT the FFB config (click the checkbox under "force feedback configurations"
(this it to allow your wheels to return to center instead of feeling like it always wants to trail to one side

STRENGTH = 300 (this is personal prefference)

SMOOTHING = this should go down to about 90. it acts as a damper to stop random vibrations. but it also damps the countersteer effect..
please play with this at your own will. (move about 10 notches at a time)

SIDE ACCEL FEEDBACK = turn this up to max (which is 20%). This will help with initial turn in feeling. i dont quite know how to explain it. buut you WILL feel the difference! haha

MAX STRENGTH = 100% this is STUPID!! they allow us to have 300 strength but then limit it to xx% set on this bar.. set this to MAX!!

Use Responce Correction Curve = Check this box it makes the wheel feel more accurate!

If i havnt addressed something in the FFB config, it means i dont play with it/i dont know what it does. i suggest you do the sameunless u know about it <3

if you have any issues be sure to find me ion discord @ Mr.Weede #3259

Better Wheel

Hi Charles, your preset files is no longer available. Could you please upload it again. Thx.