How To Get YouTuber Tag

It won’t let me make an faq topic so I’ve come to the support section. I am a relatively smaller creator with about 3.2k subs. Beamng is the main game I play, making up the vast majority of the content I make. I was recently watching a failrace video and noticed the YouTuber tags him and his friends have, and knowing I also have a (much smaller) YouTube following, I was wondering how I could get myself the fancy red name plaque! Obviously this isn’t a super important thing to me, as I won’t enjoy beamng any less without the tag. If I get a reply, thank you for taking your time to respond!

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I believe after your application they will review your channel content and make a decision. Do you mind linking your YouTube channel here if able?

Also I’ll see how to apply officially once I have your YT link, don’t do what I did, hahahaha.

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Here’s my channel link