How to host Multiple server on my pc?

the title sums it up well i must say xD

Assuming you already have one server up and running, simply open new ports on your router and assign this in the server config file. Clients can connect to your servers depending on which port is used.
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Thats what i did , but as soon that i tried to join the server it just keepe waiting with the “loading” screen but nothing happend , the stock port is 30814 if im correct , and i tried so many different port , and yes i port forwarded them every single one of them , but then like i asked in another thread , is the ip could be the problem ?

Sounds like you haven’t port-forwarding correctly - it would be best to follow a tutorial specific to your router.
A common mistake can be not using the internal IP of your computer when telling the router where the ports are to be opened (forwarded).
Yup, the default port is 30814. The keymaster IP address is not relevant at the moment, so you only need the key it provides.

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I did every step again from scratch , its not working either way i got my log open

But when i get in the server i get stuck on loading , my first server when i click on it , it write start right away