how to i get beammp to sign in?

what do i do when beammp does allow me to login or play as a guest and gives the message “failed to communicate with the auth system!”

Same Issue here, I just play as guest every time, but it’d be great to be able to keep my favorites for more then one time.

Same issue here. Tried pressing “Enter” key and “Login” button and doesn’t work.

i also keep getting the authentication error. ive only been able to play BeamMP once, and that was when i first downlaoded it. every other time ive tried to play it wont let me. i cant find the key file everyone is on about, i dont have a BeamMP folder, just the launcher
rattling my head trying to get it to work

Having the same issue. Key file you say?

I have this issue myself also any help at all would be great! I know about the key file that needs to be deleted, if your new you might not have one, in my case it was deleted. I did go along with all of my stuff being verified I am not sure what the issue could be.

ive verified my account with my email ive restarted beammp multiple times and it still doesnt work what do i do?