How to install mods on your server

Hey there! This is an in-depth tutorial on how to add mods on your EA server.

If you don’t know how to host an EA server, please check this tutorial (Click me!) and create your server by following those instructions. Then, come back here and follow this tutorial if you want to install mods on your server by using the new Mod Sync feature.

To clarify:

  • This mod is only compatible with legit, Steam versions of the game. Cracks are not supported.
  • Always make sure that your server software is up to date. Latest version is always updated and available for download in #early-access-server on the Discord for Patrons and Discord server boosters.

Let’s get started!

  • Vehicle mods and map mods are different to install, but both require you to put them in your server’s (Ressources\Client) folder. Simply slide any mod you want to add in that folder. (Leave it as a zip!)
  • If you only wanted to add modded vehicles, that’s it! It’s as easy as that. Your vehicles should now get downloaded and installed automatically for anyone joining your server.

Now for the harder part : Installing a custom modded map for your server.

  • First thing to do is to slide your modded map’s zip file in your server’s (Ressources/Client) folder.
  • Next, open the map’s zip file and open the (levels) folder. You should now see your map’s main directory. For my example it’s named bajarama.
    So, it should be ((yourmoddedmap)\levels\(mapname)). Copy the (mapname) part.
  • Then, add it to the regular map path and it gives you this (/levels/(mapname)/info.json). With my example, it will be (/levels/bajarama/info.json).
  • Copy that directory and paste it in your server config file’s map selection part.

That’s it! your server should now run on that map! If for some reason it doesn’t work, we’ll be happy to help you in the Discord’s #support channel.

See you around!


@Titch2000 Added it :+1:

should now be in the “Mods” section of the server installation guide

Hey @LucasBE-FR what about doing something similar on our wiki?


hay sweetie I am just wondering can you add skin mods to beammp there’s some police ones I really like and I want to use them on my friends server

could you give a better description as to where to find the map infor in the zip file. the one im adding has more then one file and cant see the main directory. even in the main folder this is the only thing it has items.level.json so im guessing that isnt it since the map is name tenessee

how do you get the car in to the server im confused this did not really help me and i cant find any videos on it ??

First of all, you need to host a server in order to add mods that you want to play with online. then you add your mods in the Resources > Client folder in your server files