How to join servers

So i downloaded the server installer, made a server and then opened the server, ´then i started up BeamNG, but i am not surehow to join servers. Do i need to install the client? If i do then it just asks me if i want to repair my installation or remove it and all that, so. What do i do?


first, see if you can join one of the servers highlighted in orange

@charles Alright, ive downloaded it and started it + beamng, now how do i actually join servers? I have my own i can join so we shuld be good on finding one lol

@charles Alright, ill try that, thanks!

You will need BeamMP client to play BeamMp. BeamMp server is if you want to host your own server. If it says “repair” then you already have BeamMp client installed, so just search windows for BeamMP launcher an run the launcher. If you cannot find BeamMP launcher, then uninstall beammp by going to apps and features, uninstalling beammp launcher, then download beammp client from, then run the installer :slight_smile:

One downvote on my first post, what a good start to BeamMP lol