How to restore people once you've deleted them?

So I discovered you can delete everybody at once by using the vehicle config > debug menu which is great. For example when I load into Italy I don’t want to bother with any vehicle at the airport or on the highways and deleting one by one can be a bit tedious. But I’d like to know how to restore the one or two vehicles that are driving in the hills and maybe join them. The restore or reload vehicle buttons don’t seem have any effect.

I like to delete people for fps reasons and also I don’t want to see drag cars and buses and people just crashing every two seconds etc.

Hi, Sadly you will have to delete them one by one, there are no option to decide who to stay and who wont(same to main game, u can’t delete all SUVs and keep Sedans for example or delete cars spawn at ABC area and Keep ones at DEF areas), and regards restore veh, far i know, you can’t till they spawn new car (not changing) or by rejoining server.