HTTP Error BeamMP Launcher

After I downloaded it, it has an HTTP Error but still gives me the Launch screen. It doesn’t have multiplayer in BeamNG through that launcher. I couldn’t find anything about fixing it. Any ideas?

No Multiplayer option, multiplayer not showing up after clicking play

  1. Run the BeamMP launcher as administrator
  2. Go to the main menu
  3. Go into the Repository
  4. Click on Mod Manager
  5. Click on “Disable all mods”
  6. Then only enable the “beammp” mod (the BeamMP mod should be the only mod in your mod manager that is active
  7. Press Ctrl + L (if this doesnt work also press f5)
  8. If the BeamMP mod is the only mod active and you STILL dont see multiplayer, try restarting your PC and trying steps 5-7

We are trying to solve the HTTP error and find out why it is happening to more people, but as of now here are the known fixes

  • Allow BeamMP Launcher on any to all antivirus NO NOT JUST TURN IT OFF
  • Allow BeamMP Launcher in windows firewall (apps and features, firewall rules)
  • Run Launcher as admin
  • Set BeamMP to priority

Please allow us to address the issue and figure out why this is happening, all progress, fixes and updates will be posted here and on our discord :slight_smile: