HTTP Get Failed on Read Error

I’ve browsed through other topics similar to this and I am still having issues with getting BeamMP to launch in both admin/non-admin.

HTTP Get Failed on Read Error shows when launching BMP.
I turned off IPV6 in internet and added and in DNS through IPV4
Changed 0.32 folder to 0.32_bak but when I originally downloaded BMP, the files were empty and it was not even showing up in the in-game repo so I could activate it.

I’m sure I’m missing something along the way but can anybody with more knowledge of this issue give me a run down on how to fix this, please?
-I’m a new user so I’m not able to upload more than one screenshot-

Did you unpack the mod?

As in?

I installed the client, opened installer and did the installation.

Hmmmmm, lemme check a few things, I swear we were just talking about this.

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I also just did a fresh install of BeamNG.

Went to BeamMP website, downloaded the client, opened installer and installed it to appdata/roaming/beammp-launcher but when I open the launcher it puts the mod folder in 0.32 but there nothing there.

It is allowed through firewall and I run as administrator too.

edit** I just uninstalled BeamMP again and I will await further instruction since this can be a starting point.

I am sorry user, I have failed you, I don’t have access to discord so I can’t confer with my collogues, but I can try and tag one. @Holyguaka_IRL

Good luck :saluting_face:

No failure and no worries! I appreciate you even taking a look at this issue!

Someone will eventually have a solution!

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Found the solution.

Didn’t realize BeamMP was installing into (appdata/roaming) but I put it into (appdata/local) and it connected.

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