HuskyCore [v1.0] - One-Click Vehicle Respawn!

The purpose of this plugin is to add ease-of-use functionality for players on your BeamMP servers. I’m slowly going to be adding more features as I come up with them, but for the time being, here’s the feature set.

  • Automatically remove the player’s oldest car when they spawn a new car. (Limit 1 concurrent car for now)
  • Sends a message in chat when someone spawns a new vehicle.

Here’s a demo of just the vehicle replacement feature. This was before messages were added.
You can also just join any codeHusky server in the server list for a demo.


  • Set your Car Limit to 2 in your server configuration. No other values are currently supported.
  • Unzip and place the HuskyCore folder in your Resources/Server/ folder.
  • Restart your server. HuskyCore will load and print a message to indicate success!

Go to GitHub Releases for the latest version. The change log will be posted there as well.

Do you have any idea as to why this seems to conflict with Cobalt Essentials?