I accidentally removed my beammp account. pls help me recover my acount

ok so i was playing beamng and i needed to verify for a discord server but i was not able to verify because i had already verified one time. so i decided to remove my account and make a new one but the discord owner had given me the role back but as my old account so now im not able to play in the servers because im not verified as gamer3000. please help me recover my account. my account username that i deleted is gamer3000 and my new one is gamer3000s. i really need my old account back.

I have no clue what you’re talking about with Discord. The account on BeamMP is not your account on Discord. Please be aware of fake verification bots on Discord that will steal your Discord account.
There was no gamer3000 user on the forums. I can change your username to that if you want, but if the old account (if ever there was one) is deleted there is no way to recover it.

no problem i dont need it now i fixed it