I cant enter modded servers

i cant enter into modded servers, i can join original beammp servers.
it says start before i download 2-3 mods to enter to server and stays like that for too long
another problem is it isnt downloading the mods it just says ‘‘downloading source 123car %97.8’’ and stays like that

Please can you upload your BeamNG.log file and also the launcher.log file from the BeamMP launcher.

cant find it sir can you please help

It should be located at %AppData%/local/beamng.drive/0.22/. Hope this helps.

i found it sir what sould i do now

Now upload the beamng.log file.

sir sorry for late replying but i have lotta issiues with beam ng so ill delete and redowload it if the problem still didnt solved i will uploaf the log file

its fixed i can join modded servers thanks for helping

Perfect good to hear!