I can't even launch beam NG after installing beam MP for the first time today

I was playing a little after the new update today in NG and it was fine, then I installed MP and this is what I in-front of me.

This is all I get if I launch beam from the MP shortcut or the steam way.

I have the same issue. The devs are currently working on support for the new version of the game released today

Same. I was playing new version of Beamng normally, but then I launched Beammp and… well, same situation.

the new game version does not support beam mp so they are working on a new version

J’ai rejoin la premiere Beta dans la liste de BeamNG Drive … et Ca fonctionne … Ca m’a demandé si je voulais activer la Fonction “Online”

it happened to me also i can’t get into beamNG and neither beamMP keeps showing up this screen