I cant get my account to login

im putting my password and my gmail in right on the multiplayer gamemode and its not letting me login

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Please can you confirm that you still have the black command prompt window open?
It is the window that opens when you run BeamMP. This window needs to be kept open for BeamMP to work.

Iā€™m having the same problem.

Yes the cmd window is still open, error I get is internet server error, I think your servers are down

[30/12/2022 07:04:21] [INFO] Attempting to authenticateā€¦
[30/12/2022 07:04:22] [ERROR] Internal Server Error
[30/12/2022 07:04:22] [ERROR] Internal Server Error
[30/12/2022 07:04:22] [ERROR] Invalid answer from authentication servers, please try again later!
[30/12/2022 07:05:17] [ERROR] HTTP Get failed on Read
[30/12/2022 07:05:22] [INFO] Attempting to authenticateā€¦

above is from CMD window.

We currently have some issues with the network and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible for you.
Thank you for your patience.

primary servers are offline

[31/12/2022 00:11:51] [ERROR] HTTP Get failed on Read
[31/12/2022 00:11:56] [ERROR] HTTP Get failed on Read
[31/12/2022 00:11:57] [FATAL] Primary Servers Offline! sorry for the inconvenience!