I can't join other servers after I am in one

After I am in a game server, I want to join a different server, but when I click to join a different server it won’t let me join and the multiplayer menu will just close, and I will still be in the server I was originally in.


I have the same problem, Ever since 0.24, if I want to go back to the main menu without having the game running in the background, I have to close the game. It’s a bit annoying.


I think we’re all having this problem. I came to the forums in hopes to get an update from the dev(s) as to progress of all the problems the current release is having, but don’t even see an announcement.
I even tried starting a single player session then joining another server - the connection seems to start, then goes back to the server list tab i was in when trying to join.

Radial menu seems broken too - there’s a ‘dev’ type text in the escape menu ‘ui.radial.somethinginowforget’ but clicking it doesn’t do anything.

When starting the MP game, i also often see a ‘UI Debug’ menu with keys to click to disable it.
Clicking those two keys brings up an (html?) type screen where I can delete the element or set visibility to false, but I figure most people don’t know enough about html-like code to do that.
I found an easier way - the UI debug has a ‘reload’ button - click it - screen will go blank usually, click ESC twice and normally the main menu will open.

The above 3 items are the biggest ones I can remember now.
I hope the dev(s) are still working on them. An announcement post would be nice.
(now that i think of it, might be good to check Github issues too - but, some non-dev type people might not know to do that either - i’m a dev-type geek so know some stuff. :smiley: )

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In my experience u cant jump between connections u have to kill them first. it helped me to first click the Quit button on the Top middle screen and then selecting another server through the Main Menu

push - issue is - many (most?) of us are clicking Quit.
What happens after clicking Quit - there’s a short pause, and then the server UI dissappears - and the game then acts like you’re in freeroam, on the map the server was originally hosting. However, the player camera is no longer attached to the car. Drive it like a remote