I can't log in beammp

It says Login Failed. Please cheak your username/email & password. please help.

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Same here… idk y …

Make sure you guys use your BeamMP forum account to login into BeamMP ingame

me too! i dont know why tho

Try using your email or your username in the login field.

Daniel [CO-US]

same here, any solutions?

Solved, after my accound aprroved

bro i put my stuff in yea and its stuck on attempting to log in

Try using your username to login instead of your email

It’s because you closed the BeamMP Launcher.

im having this problem right now it wont let me log in just stuck on attempting, and i did not close the launcher also have 0 mods installed
any help would be appriciated ( it also wont let me use a guest account just does nothing whne i click )