I cant login, help!?

So i just created an account on the forum, i have everything installed and multiplayer appears on beamNG. First i wanted to play as a guest but clicking it did nothing, it outlines the button but nothing happens. Then i made an account and logging in is the same. I put in my email and password but nothing happens, it says attempting to log in. Please help.

Please press the “logout” button then attempt to log on again.

I have the same issue and nothing I do works, I’ve even deleted and reinstalled BeamMP. Please fix this.

when I try it removes my password and says attempting to login but it’s really doing nothing

Your account is probably deactivated you should find a tutorial for it.

I have the same problem

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No, if the account had been deactivated an email would have been sent to the user by the staff.

Please see this topic: I Can't Log Into Beam MP Master Post

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