I don't know how to port forward on a drayTek

So I’m trying to port forward using the draytek router and I am finding it very complex. I was using this tutorial How to Port Forward a Draytek Router | Support | No-IP Knowledge Base and it was not working (see photos). If someone could please tell me what Im doing wrong that would be great!

Thank you.

The photo above is a imgur link so you have to press it to see the other photos. :slight_smile:

Hi @sparky1290
There is a chance you have successfully port-forwarded!
The port checking site will only be able to give a positive result if a program is currently using said port. So, if you run the BeamMP server on the aforementioned port, then try again, it should come up as open. (better yet, ask a friend to try joining the server).

Another note, just incase that isn’t the case, ‘private IP’ might be referencing the internal IP adress of your computer, which is easy to check (best to google how to do this).

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile: