I join a server but players aren’t moving

Everything runs perfectly I can drive around I can see players changing there cars or adding stuff to them but no one is moving

same thing is happening to me. BeamMP v4.7.3, Alpha 0.28.1

This can be caused by a firewall blocking some traffic. You could try checking your firewall to ensure it is not blocking beamNG or beamMP. This may not be the issue but it would be worth checking. You may also want to check your router settings to see if it is blocking the traffic.

To allow an application, such as the BeamMP-Server, through the firewall, follow these steps:

  1. Search “Allow an app through Windows firewall”
  2. Click “Change Settings”
  3. Scroll down to find the BeamNG.drive and BeamMP-launcher - if it is not there click “Allow another app” and navigate to the BeamNG.drive or BeamMP-launcher file
  4. Tick all boxes for BeamNG.drive or BeamMP-launcher
  5. Click “Ok”