I made a BeamMP server but other people cant join

So I made a BeamMP server and everything went as intended
But for some reason even though I could join the server other people couldn’t. I tried letting it through the Firewall and that did something but it only happened once where it caused the server to crash kicking me out of it but now its just doing connection failed again. I checked my internet and it does allow port forwarding I really don’t know what is wrong. And this is just my server any other server is fine. And ever since the server crash no matter how many times I restart the server the UI has been doing the No players ?ping thing.

First off, please do not share your Authkey with anyone, it is a key made and attached to you So if anyone gets ahold of it, you could be held responsible for something that happens with that key

The main problem that you are facing is port forwarding and joining your server. You mentioned that your internet supports portforwarding but didnt mention actually forwarding a port. make sure that you forward the port 30814 as TCP and UDP in your router/isp settings under the internal IP of the machine that is running the server.

If you are trying to join a server that is running on the same machine you are playing on, you will need to direct connect to your server (ONLY you will need to do this, everyone else can join through server list). Join your server with direct connect as Local host IP: Port: 30814