I must report Player "Lmlond" for trolling, racism and anti-lgbtq

He is acting MASSIVELY aggressive, only smashin into others and is trolling and swearing at persons in the most racist and worst way possible…he says he is black himself, but acts like a n_zi with agression-problems…he goes against lesbians and gays, is trolling and destroying all others fun, as hard as possible! “Lmlond” has to be banned…via ip if possible. He also says he is new in the game…first he asked me, how to drift and i took A LONG TIME to teach him stuff, but he reacted like a 12year old withj puberty-issues…then he startet calling me B_TCH and other players too and then he told me tthat i was “pobably pick cotton like slaves” …and after gotting reacted on this, he REALLY STARTET trolling and just rammed people right across the map and wont stop. He doenst quit, even after been ignored…he keeps up annoying people . kick him, ban him,KILL him, if neccesary… i had enough

Hi, on which server did this take place and do you have any evidence?


it was on etk-driving center german server…but no i havent got any evidence…because chat history always disappeares, when you go into vehicle menu…otherwise i would have copied it. It started as i connected the server and he was asking, why he isnt able to drift…he said he was new to the game…so i watched him a while and first told him, to not start with supercars, but with normal ones…because he drove some hillclimb-op-tuned ride…and then i asked him, if he got awd, or wich kind of drivetrain…and i started to explain the difference between rwd awd and fwd, when it comes to drifting…he asked me about keayboard bindings and i told him, that i use my own personal ones and dont know…and that he should just look at his keyboard setup, because i dont know the standarts any more…but by then he already was smashing my car the whole time, while i was explaining to him…i told him to quit it, while i was actually trying to help him and took a lot of time for him…he asked something like if he has to hold down handbrake by drifting…and i answered, its just used to initiate drift and then it depends on, if what weels are driven and to hold drift with throttle and counter steering with rwd…but he was already acting like a child with anger management problems, called me “yes mom”, when i was trying to tell him how it works and “answer me B_TCH”, when i was taking to long to reply…then i told him to quit handle me like that and he got kind of racist, that i was like “picking cotton like slaves” and so on…is said: "oh now youre getting racist and i wont further help him, the way he is acting…meanwhilde i constantly was smashing my and others cars without pause…it wasnt possible to drive for even 10sec…i told him to quit acting like a 13yo with puberty-issues and he told me, that i should answer him…but i didnt even know TO WHAT…i think he wanted to know, it he has to press down handbrake, all the time whilw drifting, but i already have told him all of that…not just once. A other guy on tzhe server was pissed, because of his racist comments and told him, that he is black…and then “Lmlond” replied to the other guy by calling him “N_GGER”, and also that he is black himself…and i then said, that this doesnt make is less racist…right after that, Lmlond tried to trigger me, with that he bets, that i am gay and supporting lgbtwq+, ect…he always more and more exagerated his trolling…even while i was writing the original post here on beamMP.com, i stood on the server, running the game in background and for at least 10-15min he kept on wrecking my ride and trying to provoke me…until he finally drove everybody from the server and then left it too, after then…massice ASSH_LE to the maximum, if you ask me

that whole situation went on for more then 1 hour…like i said, i would have copied the chat, but it was cleared several times, while the whole situation happened…but he was hating and provoking without pause…calling me B_TCH at least 3-4 times and the other guy N_IGGER and i told him that i’m a left wing person, that always tries to help others and he shouldn’t react that way, to someone who helps him and is taking time,instead of just playing the game myself…and him telling my humanist position it was, that made him start with lgbtq and gay-provocations…i wouldn’t have reported it, if the situation was about a simple trolling idiot…but this guy was driving it to the maximum.