I posted a meme in the discord and hadn’t known it was aginst the server rules

I wouldn’t have done it if I knew

Hi Arkie, I took the liberty of looking over the meme you sent, and while I do think it was a little funny, it’s hard to deny it was in bad taste, the big thing here is that a lot of our members wouldn’t want to see content like that, and thus it is against the rules. The big question here is weather that video falls under “mild nsfw” or “strong nsfw/gore content” truthfully, I can see your gif going either way, regardless, it’s not allowed. And this is NOT the type of content we want to show in our server, our server should appeal to all ages, and should be a welcome place, and thus is not the place for these types of memes. Since your video doesn’t actually show any gore, and since you’re a fairly upstanding member of the community with the exception of a few small and minor slip-ups I’m gonna go ahead and chalk this up to bad-taste. Some people do think this is funny, and to someone who sees these types of memes a lot, they may not think there’s anything wrong with this, but once again, this is not the type of content we want in our server. There are plenty of servers where you can send these types of memes, but keep them out of our server. Under that assumption, I’m assuming there was no ill-harm meant, so I am going to accept this appeal and (maybe naively) assume this is going to be a isolated event. I also do not feel the crime fits the punishment.

To reiterate, we do not allow this type of content on our server, this is your warning.
Please reply to this and acknowledge that you’ve read this and we can move forward.

aight thanks, i was half asleep when i posted it and ill keep safe from now on

Its okay, just remember this is a family-friendly server and we do not allow anything which could fall under nsfw/nsfl in our server.