I think my account got deleted

I was playing just fine yesterday and today i got logged out, cant log back in and it seems my account doesnt even exist anymore. I tried to create a new account with the same username and created this account. Is there a way to get my old account (and with it my progression in CaRP) back?


Hello Martinski,

We’re currently investigating this issue, thank you for bringing it to our attention. As for CaRP, I wanted to note that you can likely simply make another account by the same name (if your old account turns out to have been deleted). I would assume your CaRP progress to be tied to your name, and such an account with the same name might have the progress.

Otherwise, if this doesn’t work, I can contact the CaRP staff for you and they can likely transfer your progress over.

We’ll reply here once we know what happened. Sorry about the inconvenience!

  • Lion

Hey LionKor,

thank you for your respone :). Sadly CaRP doenst recognise my new accout as the same. I´ll try to contact the CaRP admins about this issure. If i can help you with finding that error in any way, just let me know.