I want to know how to add a Game Mode to BeamMP

So I manage to have a server going, I have Cobalt essentials, and BeamMP-Server-Management-tools installed. I happened to find a couple of game modes to add to the server but I don’t know how to add it in the code so it works when people load in.

Basically I have a good single player mod I want to have work for multiplayer. I can’t even find a beamMP coding tutorial, or cobalt one one how to add to the code. I’m not an IT person but I usually can work it out if I know where to start. I’m lost…

We got the wiki, maybe its of help.

Otherwise the BeamNG maybe also is of help

Hey did you ever figure this one out. I want to play A run for life with a friend and cant figure it out

Not at all, I tried to learn it but that’s way people go to school to code. I wish there was a basic code for normal BeamNG scenarios made for BeamMP, them people could try modding them. But start from scratch is impossible unless you read code. I can’t find ANY code for BeamMp that adds game modes, there are server controls and stuff like that. No pizza run code, Garage to Garage survival cade, nothing. Maybe racing but I dont’ want to race on BeamMP. I’m at a lose.