I want to report a player for having 10 cars+ on a official server

Hello, so I wanted to report a player duplicating cars to crash the server. Can anyone tell me where I can report players, because I didn’t find any topic/form to do this.

There is no way to report players in-game, but on the BeamMP discord there is a channel called
#player-reporting, and you can report players there.

what was the problem man u said u have powerful pc , u can handle few snowmans ? XD

and as a small hint for ur small brain , u can remove other players cars when ur experiencing any kind of fps issues , server cannot be crashed with a bunch of snowmans

Yes, but for other players the game was lagging. I didn’t say that it was lagging for me

When I posted here, I didn’t knew that you can do it. After 10 minutes I searched for an other help how to remove the cars/props and then I knew how to do it.