I'm sorry for my actions, and I'd like to revert my negative energy

I ‘rona ldo#1234’ Was banned right around 1-1.5 years ago, on the official “BeamMP” discord server.

Why was I banned? When I and my friend were new to this “BeamNG Multiplayer” thing, we didn’t know what to do. So we headed on to the discord server to try and find some help, thinking that the administrators of the server could help us. We tried for hours on end and we still couldn’t get it to work, so we told the administrators of the server (I can’t remember what we said but it was something on the line of this):

"The admins of this server are really bad, you aren’t even helping us you’re just saying it’s our problem?"

Which in that case we thought we were giving constructive critique, while on the other end he/she thought we arrived on the server in the pure act of trolling. I do accept the fact that the administrators of the server had the apprehension of us to commend bad spirits on the server.

The reason why I’m writing about my problem so late is that I didn’t know the length of the ban, so I persisted to wait ~1 year.

-Willio0 / rona ldo#1234

Hi Willio1, It does seem that you were banned due to trolling and spam in DMS on top of that you were rude to our members, only 1d after joining.

If you could reply to this message with the reasons you would like to come back to the BeamMP discord, and why you will not come back to troll and be rude then we will consider lifting your ban which after a year it sounds more likely.

Thank you,

Hi Daniel.

The main reason why I’m joining again is mainly for the support. Every time I have a problem with something it’s a whole lot easier to write a short message to the moderators, than to search for hours upon hours at a time for a fix on my problem.

Now I understand I once was a troublemaker on the server and I’ll like to apologize for that behaviour. And you may think it’s a gamble for me to connect back into the ‘BeamMP Ecosystem’. But this one time I’ll try to revoke my bad behaviour and start a “Fresh start”.


I will give you another chance to make sure you read the rules when you join back. please note if you get anything your infraction will be more harsh.

Thank you,

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