In-Game Login Issues - 07/05/2023

Dear Community,

On May 6, 2023 1:40 PM we started receiving reports of there being issues when trying to log into BeamMP when In-Game. Unfortunately at the time I was away and unable to do much to assist. Some of the technical team members attempted to investigate the issue later on in the evening.

As of the time of writing I can now confirm that the issue has been resolved and you should be able to log back into your accounts In-Game. If you continue to receive issues logging in please reply to this thread.

Kind regards,
BeamMP Mod Team


Still having the same problem.

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Both me and another person I’m trying to play with are still having issues with logging into any game

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Please can you tell me the error you are receiving, for example a screenshot of your error?

Please can you tell me the error you are receiving, for example a screenshot of your error?

Every game I try to join, it gets stuck loading at the end, the beammp launcher shows no errors. Been about 15 minutes stuck at the end so far


Okay I see that this is a CaRP server so it might be an issue with their server / mods.
This is an issue that is unrelated to the Login issues that others were experiencing.

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The error is Attempting to loggin in…

I cant play in mulitplayer mode, why?

i had this problem but i found a fix. do not close the launcher leave it open

cant login in game i even created a new account both say login failed with password incorrect

Hi, I am also having this problem

im still having the same problem. At first everytime i was about to play, somehow i was logged out. Now it doesnt even let me to login

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actually it doesnt even let me to play on guest at all. I guess i wont be playing online anymore

Are you keeping the launcher running?
This is important and required for allowing the connection to servers and BeamMP infrastructure.

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im having login issues myself, I’ve changed my password thinking i forgot it but its keeps saying attempting to log in and does nothing after that.

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Can you check that the launcher is still running after you attempt to login?

still havin the problem lad