Infinite Loading

Bruh i just can’t join my own server for some reason it’s just infinitly loading. I used CobaltEssentials plugin, but i’m pretty sure it starts on other machines with this plugin. What should I do?

Make sure you have installed and setup Cobalt Essentials plugin correctly (it goes into the server folder and not the client folder)

Also make sure that you are joining your server correctly (if you are playing on the same machine your server is hosted on then you will need to join it with direct connect

Nope, that’s why I wrote that, I connect with direct, and I installed it in server folder and it’s not working.

Hi, is your server or launcher showing any errors?

No errors, expect launcher is still showing multiplayer gui, even with no MP launched, first time like that

Wait. it worked, I was connecting by my actual server adress, and this worked! Thanks!

my screen has been like this for the past 5 mins anyone know how to fix it?