Installing mods from another server to my own

I am trying to make a private version/copy of a server for just be any my friends. I couldn’t find the mods they were using online so I went to the beamMP folder and copied the mods from there. The problem is I don’t quite know how to install the mods because none of them have any direction and I don’t know much about modding. They are all zip files with a lua and a script folder and one with a level folder. I tried putting the zip files in the resource folder and I also tried extracting them. I feel I need to put some mods in the client and some in the server and potentially do something with the level because it must be a modified vanilla map or something. Any help on how to copy a server or how to do this would be appreciated. Alternatively if someone knows where a good laptime recorder/leaderboard is that would also work because that’s all I want.