Invalid String Position

I tried opening beam mp and all of a sudden got this error. I uninstalled beam Mp multiple times, completely erased all Beam MP files . Still nothing, it’s very frustrating.

[29/4/2021 00:17:02] [INFO] Launcher version is up to date
[29/4/2021 00:17:02] [INFO] Game Version :
[29/4/2021 00:17:02] [WARN] Game is newer than recommended, multiplayer may not work as intended!
[29/4/2021 00:17:02] [INFO] Downloading mod please wait…
[29/4/2021 00:17:02] [FATAL] invalid string position


A great person on the Discord helped me . You just have to go C:\Users\el_do\AppData\Local\\0.22\mods and delete the db.json file and restart Beam MP

Screenshot - 0f0b68edb29e11bd79d65c4625c6379d - Gyazo this is the person who helped me on the Discord

Nice work @Bennythedog90 :slight_smile: