Invalid ZIP File In ModManager, and not downloading mods correctly?

When ever i join a server it starts downloading mods and then when it downloads that mod it says invalid ZIP file for each mod it downloads. And halfway through downloading mods it stops downloading. I basically can’t get into any servers with mods?


Bear_3 I also need to help in this matter

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This happens to me often with public servers and my local lan server.

same here for me

same for me, not even anyone to help :frowning:

I was able to fix this problem by having both Beam NG and Beam MP installed on the same SSD. Previously I had beam ng on SSD and MP on HDD without problem.

edit: invalid zip files again, I have no clue why the fix stopped working

Hi all,

I also tend to get the ‘invalid zip file’ error pop up, but it seems to be a meaningless warning, as everything loads as it should. The pause after downloading some of the zips might just be the game activating the newly downloaded mods, which can take a minute or two if it’s a custom map.

Next time you get the errors, just persist with the connecting and hopefully it will connect.