Invalid ZIP File In ModManager, and not downloading mods correctly?

When ever i join a server it starts downloading mods and then when it downloads that mod it says invalid ZIP file for each mod it downloads. And halfway through downloading mods it stops downloading. I basically can’t get into any servers with mods?


Bear_3 I also need to help in this matter

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This happens to me often with public servers and my local lan server.

same here for me

same for me, not even anyone to help :frowning:

I was able to fix this problem by having both Beam NG and Beam MP installed on the same SSD. Previously I had beam ng on SSD and MP on HDD without problem.

edit: invalid zip files again, I have no clue why the fix stopped working

Hi all,

I also tend to get the ‘invalid zip file’ error pop up, but it seems to be a meaningless warning, as everything loads as it should. The pause after downloading some of the zips might just be the game activating the newly downloaded mods, which can take a minute or two if it’s a custom map.

Next time you get the errors, just persist with the connecting and hopefully it will connect.


We fixed the problem!

We had tried to put the map-string in as /levels/carkour2/info.json.
This seems to not alwways be correct and there is not much info out there about it.

We used this string instead and the map booted and works for us!

Happy driving!

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I’ve been having the same problem recently, and it started out of nowhere. No clue how to fix it. I even uninstalled BeamMP and BeamNG, then reinstalled both.

Anyone find a fix for this?

I just purchased beamNG yesterday and started trying to use beamMP today but am running into the same issue. If there is a mod, I get the error and then it just sits on loading resource. I left this on while I made dinner. An hour later come back and still stuck in the same place. When I finally hit the x and come back into multiplayer and scroll back to the server I was trying to join it shows that I am in the player list but most certainly didn’t make it that far lol. Anyone have a fix?

Did anyone fix it this is annoying I bought the game for a certain server but I can’t play it cause I have the same issue as you

The same issue. Anyone resolve this?

what helped me get rid of the errors is go into your (BeamMP Launcher\Resources) folder and copy the contents over to your (AppData\Local\\0.29\mods\multiplayer) folder

If anyone still have that problem run server in administrator mode, that solved pro for me.

@Slanecek19 Linux server administrators be like: -_-