Is it possible to save mods from servers?

Hi I’m very new to forums and not sure if this has been asked before, but I’m wondering if there’s any way to save a mod from a servers modlist. If anyone is wondering which and just knows where to download it, it’s on the server Gigachad Zoomies (that’s up at the time of posting) and is the Toyota AE86. I have the currently updated 86 from the forum on beamng directory that’s been updated by fans but the server seems to have the original mod but without all the errors (besides the speed chime needing to be removed, but I think anyone could ignore that for better handling). Thank you if anyone gets to this!

take a look at:


usually you will find all the mods you have ever downloaded from servers here

so there is no
\resources under that directory,

You will find these in BeamMP folder under resources

i normaly just search them up later

The location should be (default install): %appdata%\BeamMP-Launcher\Resources