Is the server really hosted locally?

Hey Everyone, I was able to get a server spun up on my windows 10 machine without any issues. I just find it hard to believe that the server uses so few resources. Even with players connected its only using 8mb of ram. Are the files provided some sort of gateway to a data center or something along those lines? Or is most of the load on the users local install of beamng? Also the portal where you get the auth key seems to provide a resource monitor of some server, but it doesnt match my local server. Based on my latency once connected I believe its a local connection. But was just curious sorry if the question is an odd one, I typically host heavy minecraft servers and various other games.

YES the servers are truly local servers, they are running solely off of your server machine. They draw such little resources thanks to Anon and the Server Dev team, I am not a developer but they have optimized it maybe a little too well lol. The dashboard on the Auth Key website is NOT set up correctly yet, so as of now it is just a placeholder but I believe in the future it will show the stats on the Beammp dedicated servers NOT your server stats.

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Thanks for the reply, you’re not kidding its well optimized lol. I was fairly confident it was local because my latency was only about 4ms. But the dashboard and super low resource utilization did throw me off. I like the idea of the dashboard a lot. Would be cool if you could pass through wmi information or install an agent on the server itself to just monitor resource usage from that dashboard. Kinda like a solarwinds product. Once again thanks for the reply, was just curious on how it worked.