Issue with other people's cars

When I play BeamMP with my friends on my own server, we always get an issue where when one of us changes our car, the car does not change for the rest of us. Only the color and speed changes (for example someone will switch from the Wentward to the Scintilla and become the fastest stock DT40L BeamNG has ever seen on everyone else’s screens). The hitbox doesn’t change either. For the person who changed the hitbox is like the new car, whereas the hitbox is that of the old car for everyone else. It’s especially annoying trying to set up races and everyone needs to be in a certain car.
Spamming the reset or sync buttons in the vehicle config sometimes works but it’s still annoying.
I play on
Any solutions are appreciated.

One solution for this is to force a sync. To do this, turn on the “queueing” system and change a part on your car, then it will force sync with everyone.

I don’t know how to turn on queuing system. How do you do it?

Options > Multiplayer > Advanced options > Queueing system