It would be Nice to have a basic mod with tweakable gameplay elements

I am trying to make a mod for my BeamMP server and I can not code. It might as well be in Klingon. I just wish I could from something that could really help me. I don’t understand the “syntax” of coding or what does what, I have tried watching tutorials, following them to the end and to be honest I can careless about saying Hello.

I want to know how to take a menu I create and make it function as I intend. I want players to have to pick a role before they pick their cars and have a selection of based off of their selection. I want to set parameters for what they parts the must have installed. or maybe limit the selection to certain cars based on their role. there are a slue more things I want to do in a mod.

By my estimate it’ll take me at least 2 years before I get even a working understanding of just one process. I wish there was basic working semi blank code Specifically for BeamMP that cant be dropped in a client or server (I don’t even know which one it would go in) accompanied with a read of code and explanations of what it does.

Funny thing It sounds so simple, "
Limiting a player to only being able to spawn certain vehicles that contain parts in and they must be on the vehicle to drive."

As far as I know the the code for that could take MONTHS to write even if your an expert. That what I keep thinking every time I come up with a really good idea. “sounds simple but it’s probably super difficult”

I’m even trying to use AI to code or at a piece of code, open gpt to be specific. I guarantee you I have a better chance of learning to pilot the Enterprise.

I tried the Lua5.3 reference /guide. It reads like a technical manual to an aircraft carrier.

I am so lost an the goings slow.