Its stuck on attempting to log in

It’s stuck on attempting to log in and whenever I try to go on guest it doesn’t do anything.


same it’s stuck there

I can’t get mine to work either

same it won’t work ;-;

Same for me, I was really excited to play with my friend. I can open the servers for a few seconds without opening it with the launcher but then it says I need to login with launcher. Then after I do launch it with beammp I put in my correct creditentials and for some reason it is stuck at attemping to log in.

me to wheny i do it i only get attempting to log in in 1 hour

yeah stuck for me to it has not let me in for 2 days

same, i just want to play w my freinds

same here i cant login or play as guest

not working for me either

not working for me too

why is it not working

Just run BeamMP as administrator and it should work

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also not working for me

it can’t stuck on log in attempting

Have you tried the suggestion here?

If not please do and reply back with if it works.

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still not working :skull:

its stuck here toooo

same for me too

same nothing worked