Jinxluckky ban appeal

I was banned for claiming to have alt accounts and saying "if your trying to join so and so server for the paid leaked mods hmu ill hook you up you dont have to go deal with children… upon scouring all three links posted in the info channel and reading every rule i cannot seem to find where theres a rule saying you cannot have alt acocunts and a rule that says anything about mods in general specifcally paid mods. So idk if i missed it or not but if its not there and i didnt miss it than i guess the question reamins how did i get banned if the rule i broke isnt in the rules…

which account are you looking to get unbanned? I dont see a dc name in your profile or in this thread.

also, its likely a common sense rule. a rule that doesnt have to be written down. inviting people to join a server that is likely distributing copyrighted materials to those who dont own a license to use them, can be considered piracy and therefore as illegal in almost any country. i guess there is a rule against conducting ilegal things, but if not, its common sense to not advert it.