KAJ's Economy Library

KAJ7’s economy library is a server-side plugin with an optional client-side mod to bring an economy into your server!
it can also be helpful for developers, as it is easy to use events and build off of the base of the plugin.

  • View your balance
  • give players money for playtime (adjustable in config)
  • players can send money to others
  • more to come!

instructions are on the GitHub for downloading.

Some plans for the future
- Better client-side mod with actual UI
- Server sided inventory storage with client-side UI to browse and spawn cars you own
- A market system for players to sell cars
- purchasable parts for cars
- Repairing costs money

I hope you still implement your plans, I am very interested in the system

Nice and interesting idea. Cant wait to see what else might come of this!

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