KuiToi: A python fork of BeamMP-Server

I would like to introduce KuiToi, a BeamMP server core written from scratch in Python.
Currently in active beta testing

Features include:

  • Support for Python plugins
  • Support for Lua plugins (backwards compatibility with BeamMP)
  • Upload speed limit for mods
  • MultiLanguage support (WIP)
  • Ability to disable Lua support (e.g. to avoid installing additional dependencies)

I would appreciate it if you could test the server and report any bugs in the “Issues” tab on the GitHub project page.

Link to the project: https://github.com/KuiToi/KuiToi-Server


I try it today !

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I’m waiting for your feedback!

Whats your Discord name? We’d like to add you to the Contributor team

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My Discord tag: santaspeen

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I have forwarded that, could take a bit :slight_smile:
But i can already tell you, that this custom server that is written in a high level lang makes it easier possible for other modders to get their ideas build in. Like someone was looking for server owned vehicles, phyton is just easier then c++. Maybe this will give modders like those the opportunity to make that happen

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Appreciate this. So far just using it to have a private server without needing a key. The BeamMP Linux server requires a key even if I set it to private.
While I know Python and don’t know Lua, I seem to understand your example Lua code better than the example Python code.
There is a thread with example Lua to have a simple chat countdown to start a race, tried that and the builtin event worked but the custom event did not. Would like to try and replicate that in Python but need a simpler working Python example before I can really do anything with Python.

The thing that the docs dont tell you, which it should, is that you can type anything into the authkey field of the toml and it will allow the server to run in private mode.

I took you too literally:
AuthKey = “anything”
It complains about the key length but works. Thanks.

The custom lua event works in the BeamMP server but not the KuiToi server. So lua scripting is not as complete with KuiToi but the purpose of KuiToi seems to be Python anyway so maybe not a big deal. I would like to play with Python on KuiToi but am not a developer so will need a simple working example before I can get started with that.