Latest Update (V 0.23)! - 30/06/2021

Hey all!
Just a quick update just to let you know that we’re aware the latest version of has disabled the BeamMP mod from working with the game.
We’re currently working on it and will let you all know when the next version of BeamMP is rolling out to work with the new update!

Best Regards,
The BeamMP Development & Management Team


When will it be fixed?

Im hoping within the next two days

Any news to a fix ? I can join the game and Server but every car from Otter players are ständig on the Position

Thanks guys, hope it’s out soon :slight_smile:

“when it’s done”
If the devs knew, they’d tell us.

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so it pops up as the game’s version is too old (v.23) but there is version (v.23.1) so do i have to update the game or is it the beam mp’s launchers fault ?

Hi deliuna, you must have the latest version of BeamNG 0.23.1 for BeamMP to work - 0.23.0 will not work

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So when I try and launch it still says game is newer than recommended, multiplayer may not work as intended.

It says game version is 23.2.0

Is there still an issue?

No this is fine, small patches that get released very rarely impact the BeamMP mod, the warning is normally nothing to worry about


It says game release is too new and it might not work along with it saying the launcher is fine so I don’t know if it’s a problem I need to fix or something that is out of my control.

Don’t worry, this is normal - usually the small bug fixes the BeamNG developers push out are compatible with BeamMP - it’s when there’s a large update that things can go pear shaped :slight_smile:
Subsequently, the launcher will sometimes warn that the game version is newer than expected, which is as expected with small bug fixes.

Tonight I installed the Beam-MP launcher… which wouldn’t run at first because my “game was out of date”. So I updated BeamNG in Steam and ended up with V0.23.2… and now the launcher says the game is “newer than expected”… and when Beam starts, I don’t have the multiplayer option at all. Hard to tell from this thread is the issue is still being worked on. Help!

Please make sure the mod is actually loaded in-game and then close the game and run the launcher; hopefully it will now load with the mod enabled :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave… but can you provide a step-by-step process for loading the mod in-game? Just to be sure?

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Further… here are two screen shots… the “mod” appears to be active, and there is a “multiplayer” setting under options. And I have closed/relaunched several times to no avail.

Shoot. Are my screen shots showing up?

Not seeing your screenshots :frowning:
You definetly don’t have multiplayer when you click ‘Play’? It’s normally third one in If i remember correctly (i might not aha)

why beamng drive