Launcher says failed to launch the game launcher closing soon

ive gone through the Forums and see what i am getting, but nothing helps i cant launch the game itself and keeps saying launcher failed to launch the game launcher closing soon. when i launch via steam and launch the launcher it pops up a new mod and allows me to go to the server list without any servers. nothing works in the actual launcher. my friend got it via the same website and his works but mine doesnt. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling beammp and beamng and it just wont launch beam mp. Can I please get some help?

Couple of things to check to make sure your BeamMP can and should run correctly

  • Allow beammp on any to all antivirus software DO NOT JUST TURN IT OFF
  • Make sure BeamNG is updated on steam
  • Verify integrity of game files of BeamNG on steam
  • Make sure and play beamNG the game on a map or 2, then close beamng, then run the launcher as admin
  • Run the launcher as admin
  • Make sure Firewall is allowing beammp
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OMFG THANK YOU! I hope you have an amazing week! you are a saint!